If you would like to contact us, please ensure you are running the proper communication enviroment kit. First, configure version 1.01 of the XKCDE or XKCD Development Enviroment. (Cookies & Cream 14 Linux flavour) After doing so, install the first development version of an IRC client of your choice. Connect to and invoke the director. Ask for "Satan's really real gay time strawberry surprise." You will receive an ip adress for a private Modern Wafer 2 server (MW2). Upon connecting I will be waiting. Please write your messages by shooting bullets into the walls to prevent being spied on by the NSA and M16. I will respond after you mark the end of your message by throwing a grenade perfectly onto the south construction crane on the map Highrise. NOTE: I will be trying to kill you while you attempt to write your message. Then (after having doxxed your information) I will send my response via post mail to your home address. If you would like to respond you must repeat the proccess. Thanks!

Alternatively, shoot us an email at